The Pogi is a Tad Roberts Design, commissioned for Barefoot Wooden Boats in 2004.66A898FF-50E4-4974-9A0B-C3B1B85DDBCC

This boat was conceived as an exciting sailer for Two, that would also row well, and could be used for a tender. 4736EA75-02EA-48A1-8A07-8A79B915E91C

Inspiration was drawn from Joel Whites 9’ Shellback Dingy, as well as Tad’s own 20’ ketch, Ratty.64462752-8DF5-4E8B-9FFD-7761DD905374

The rig is an 80 sq ft standing lug sail, hung off a 13’ Sitka Spruce mast. Boom and yards are also Sitka Spruce, and the sails are made by Storch Sails, of Yellow Point, B.C.





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