Construction, sponsors and newspaper coverage!

Jan 09/2015

Got all the Bulkheads and stringers/webs cut out and dryfit. Now its all taken apart again to have lightening holes cut in and cleats glued to their upper edges. The lightening holes have reduced the weight enough that we will now be able to each bring our own toothbrush, instead of just sharing one. The cleats help to keep the very limber 1/4″ ply flat, and will provide a gluing surface when it comes time to glue down the sole(floor). Yesterday I filleted and taped the centerline web to the bottom plank, and today I will glue the bulkheads to this backbone structure.

Great news yesterday, as I heard back from our newest sponsor Westwind Hardwood.  They have offered to supply us with the rest of the bs1088 marine ply. Perfect timing as I just used up the last of the stockpile. Check out their website to see their large selection of premium lumber.

Had some coverage in our local paper this week . Which makes me remember, I need to get the rest of our media coverage up here somewhere. Maybe a section for media coverage? We’ll see. My web host gave me some tips about photosizing, but its time for me to go to work. I’ll try to put some time in this evening.

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