Dec 13/2014

So I’ve been writing up a storm lately. Website content, sponsor letters, contact leads and emails.

Theres a peanut/soy based epoxy manufacturer, www.ecopoxy.com, who is interested in contributing something.

A drysuit manufacturer, www.oceanrodeo.com  who has offered us a great deal on three new suits. Cant afford them before the boats built, but maybe if we can rustle up some cash sponsors….? Sure would be a lot safer and warmer with them.

Our designer of course, www.tadroberts.ca, who has put in a lot of time already, designing what I think is a winning boat.

Industrial plastics www.goindustrial.ca wants to support us with building materials. Not sure how much yet , but were gonna need a bunch of carbon fibre and kevlar if this boats gonna outsail those multihulls.

Still waiting to hear back from a lot of people, but I just sent the first letters out on Thursday. If anyone reading this knows of anyone who might be interested in promoting their company through this event, get in touch. We’re still looking.

….and in other news the centerline web is now glued to the first plank. This vessel now has three dimensional form. And it looks fast. We’re planning on getting the bulkheads cut out this week, so our crew of volunteers can help us glue them to the backbone next weekend.

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