The Team

Quill Goldman is a native son of the Discovery Islands, British Colombia  and spent most of his early years in boats, travelling from one Island to another, for school, for groceries, and to visit the communities on neighbouring Islands.

Having learned all he could from the wolves and things in the intertidal zone that raised him,  Quill chose to develop an already budding interest in boats, their maintaince and construction.

He enrolled in the Silva Bay Shipyard School and the path this started him on has taken him  through the highs of maxi yacht racing in The Baltic and Mediterranean ,to the lows of chipping concrete ballast from the bilges of steel ships.
Most of the time though you will find him happily somewhere in between, building , exploring in , or fixing wooden boats. Sometimes you'll find him building boats or spaceships for movies, but until they're in theatres it's top secret ; Mickey Mouse has big ears.
Quill is the owner of Barefoot Wooden Boats and has participated in all of the shipyard raids that were once popular on this coast during the early years of this millennium . He is eager to see interest in these types of adventures once again take hold.
The devious cunning, and meticulous planning, that characterized the winning strategy of so many previous Barefoot campaigns will be put to the test to secure this prize .


Mitch Burns was spawned on the briny shores of his native NewBrunswick , and was seduced early by the charms of the sea. Raised on a diet of herring and lobsters(shell and all) , he quickly grew into a towering hulk of a man with dreams of a life near the sea. 
Drifting west , like many young (and old)adventurers  before him, Mitch soon found himself graduating from the Silva Bay Shipyard School.
Here began his association with Barefoot Wooden Boats.
Mitch chooses to count his life as decades of victory ,and most of his second and third decades have been spent exploring the properties and applications of wood , boats ,and the cosmic soup they carry us through. His talents and charm have employed him in places as far and wide as Denmark and Yellowknife , and have kept him busy in his addopted home of B.C. , building boats, homes and dreams for Hollywood and regular people too.
Mitches iron grip on the oar and steady hand on the helm were the secret weapon for at least a couple Shipyard Raid wins, and will help guide them through seas of saltwater to showers of champagne for the R2AK.


Jesse Bartlett is a native of one of Canada's proudest provinces, Nova Scotia . The Atlantic shore that gave birth to Canada's monument for speed and seaworthiness , the Bluenose, would also provide the foundation for the man who would become renowned for those very same qualities.
The son of a stonemason, Jesse grew up a stones throw from Nova Scotias only saltwater lake, and the bluenose boatyard, builders of many classic wooden vessels. Jesse's nose has always been full of the smell of salt and wood shavings
When he finished high school he went to sea instead of college and the brine that soaked him on that tallship Highlander has still not washed out . Jesse came West to learn to build boats , and after doing that at the Silva Bay Shipyard School, he pretty much just stayed West. Sure, he did build a Viking ship or two back East for Hollywood , but he came right back and put in his time at the shipyard in B.C.
Maybe he was haunted by the mountains of sawdust left behind him, or maybe he just enjoys pushing himself to exhaustion in the pouring rain,; whatever the reason , Jesse spent years trying to replant the Forest's that the rest of us were turning into wood.
Not satisfied going up remote mountain slopes in the rain for a living, Jesse chooses to go down remote mountain slopes in the snow, for fun.
He is now a commercial fisherman among other things , and is now, at this very moment, pulling from the Pacific Ocean , with his own Two , salt cracked,  fish mangled hands, the bounty that the sea so generously offers.
Jesse has been a regular at team Barefoot for years and will soon be using those hands to pull this team to victory.