The boat.

This boat has been designed by naval architect Tad Roberts It is based on an earlier design of his , also developed for Barefoot Wooden Boats.
 The previous boat , the Barefoot 517, was intended to be the minimal boat for three people to do the Shipyard Raid. This was a hundred mile race , by oar and sail, South from Gabriola Island to Port Townsend,Washington, for the first Three years, then North from Gabriola to Quadra Island for another couple.
The 517 was born from the experience of Barefoot Wooden Boats participation in all 5 raids, and incorporates what we believe to be the ideal design elements of our previous  winning boats.
However, this is a different race, and a revision of this 2007 design was in order.
A major difference between the R2AK and the Shipyard Raid ,is that The Raid had a mother ship that we would race to twice a day for meals. There is no mothership on the R2AK.
All provisions will be either carried on board, or acquired on the way.
So, a bigger boat was in order to carry the extra supplies, and , it's a LOT farther , so we figured some extra waterline length couldn't hurt.

The Barefoot5.8 is a 19 foot monohull. It has a sealed sole and an open transom. It will carry twin daggerboards and rudders, and a yawl rig. The sole and all the hull below the waterline will be constructed out of marine ply sheathed in Kevlar . The epoxy used will be plant based wherever possible , and the plywood will be certified sustainably harvested. All the vessel from the waterline  up, will appear to be traditionally built. Frames will be Yellow cedar and topside planking will be Red cedar. All lumber used in construction is reclaimed , either through windfall, beach salvage, or bridge logs.
The mainmast will carry a masthead asymmetric spinnaker , roller furling jib, and a very large square top main.
The vessel will have a very fine entry and a very broad transom. There is a generouse flare to the topsides so that the upright waterline beam may remain as narrow as possible. Oar propulsion will be by two rowers , on sliding seats abreast of each other.
The plywood hull/sole will be a sealed watertight compartment and any water that comes aboard will have unrestricted egress through the open transom.
The vessel should , unless compromised, be unsinkable.

Sail area:  Secret.
Displacement: can't tell you.
Beam: very wide in places.

Contact us if you would like more details.